Tips for Road Tripping In India

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Very few things can compare with the excitement and glamour of a road trip in India. Road trip is the best thing which can be executed while travelling. And in India, it could be done in a quiet thrilling and adventurous way. Undoubtedly, successful road trips need advance and careful planning that includes proper research so that one can decide about what to carry on such a trip. There are certain things that could create a problem while heading on a road trip. Here are some important travel tips for a road trip by which one can execute the same without any difficulty and inconvenience. 

Plan according to your mood

India is known for its natural beauty and this beauty is spread on places and scenic routes. Road tripping in India is totally unique and unforgettable. Choose your route according to your mood. Here are some stunning routes in India where you can hit the road.

  1. Mumbai to Goa
  2. Chennai to Mysore and Bengaluru via Bandipur Sanctuary.
  3. Delhi to Agra (via Yamuna Expressway) and then to Lucknow.
  4. Delhi to Mumbai
  5. Delhi to Ladakh via Khardung La Pass 

Clean, check and service the car before you leave

This is one of the most important thing and many people forget this while planning a road trip. You can take care of yourself easily, but taking care of car is sometimes difficult for many people. And people forget this because of their laziness. So, get your car serviced before you hit the road. After service, check all the components of the car whether it is working or not such as wiper blades, indicators, locks, head lights, horn, tire pressure, alignment, all fluid levels, batteries, etc. The most important thing is Tyre puncture, if you know how to fix it then it is good otherwise it would be better that you practice the fixing of Tyre puncture at your home.

Ensure about the car documents

Get all the documents ready and take at least 4 photocopies of every document. Documents such as Registration certificate, Insurance, Pollution certificate, License (make sure that the license is valid not expired).

Take breaks in the journey

Don’t forget to take breaks in the journey. Driving continuously will make you stressful. It is recommended to take a break after every 200 km or 2 hours. It will keep you fresh and full of energy. Especially while night driving, it is important to keep your eyes calm. So take breaks whenever you feel your eyes are paining.

Have a loose plan

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If you want to enjoy your road trip then plan flexible not rigid. Because you never know that what you meet after your next turn. Get off the highways, do off-roading, explore local places and meet their people. Explore the local restaurants and try local cuisines. If you reach at any scenic point then stop the car and spend some time there, take some photographs. It is advised not to drive the car at the time of sunset. Wherever you are(not on busy route), push the brakes, get off the car and enjoy the sunset. 

Make a checklist

This one is most important. Here is a complete checklist of some essentials that you should have in your car.


If you are off-roading or travelling in the countryside, there is a least probability that you would find an ATM. So it is advised to carry enough cash on the road trip. Make sure about some loose change, it will cut your time during payments especially at toll plaza, parking, etc.

Car Essentials:

Don’t forget to carry a spare battery and tyre, set of jumper cables, puncture repair kit, tool kit, radiator coolant, duplicate keys and engine oil, etc. Make sure about the fog lights in your car, if you are planning in winter.

Map of destination:

There are many places in India that your digital maps and GPS may not work or they may show you the wrong way because sometimes they got confused due to dense road network of India. So it would be better you carry a hard copy of a map of that particular place. Carrying a map will also make you feel adventurous like you are on any mission. 

Food and water:

Don’t forget to bring sufficient food in case you won’t find any restaurant. Carry packed food that gives you energy such as Dry fruits, chocolates, fruits, juices, snacks, etc. Water bottles are also must in case of dehydration. 


First aid kit, blankets, flashlight, universal cell phone charger, power bank, pepper spray(for women), camera, collection of music(playlist), camping equipment, GPS, tissue paper, toiletries, etc.

And last but not the least

Take the best company

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Solo road trip can be tiring and not advisable. Take your best mates on the road trip. A good company is must to maximize the fun. And make sure that at least one of your friends know driving perfectly because on the road trip you never know when you will need a break. 


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  • Mariyam A May 23, 2016 at 1:05 pm Reply

    Great! Your post highly inspired me to go on a road trip! 🙂

  • Manu Khandelwal May 23, 2016 at 8:51 pm Reply

    Great! happy to see this 🙂

  • Priyanka Kamath May 23, 2016 at 11:09 pm Reply

    I would also add a no-gadget-policy unless absolutely required. Else it's very irritating for the driver to drive, while the other have their noses in their cell phones!
    Great tips, most of which have been learnt over the years, with multiple road trips!

  • Manu Khandelwal May 24, 2016 at 2:22 am Reply

    yeah! exactly, it seems so irritating.

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    This is such a useful article! I run a motoring website for female drivers and I know this article would be a great read for our members. blog cars

  • karanjeetagarwal June 27, 2017 at 10:15 am Reply

    These are great tips Manu. Road tripping is quite popular in India and many people leave for a enjoyable trip in every summer. However, it's best to travel in the winter days in India as the summer brings unbearable hot in some part of India and it's not recommended. But, there are also many places that are good in summer days especially the northeast India. Another important tip to make the journey memorable is when you book a comfortable hotel in your preferred destination. Booking hotels prior to the journey help you to avoid congestion and you can relax right after you arrive in the city.

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